Be Inspired For Life Rather Than Being Manipulated,
Design The Life You Love.

Do You Want To Learn The Exact Steps To Turn Your Interests Into Income?

Get access to all this and more. Start, grow, and scale your income by developing a digital skillset and leveraging the power of the Internet. No experience is needed!


At Peace On Mind, the focus is to challenge the status quo.
Sharing there is a way out and an escape from the classic path of life.
Start to ask yourself what gives you joy and happiness today?
Think about it for a while.........., you can have that feeling and time for it every day!

I was sick of my life making someone else's successes and desires every day with daily obligations and stress.
Now I like to share this opportunity to become a Digital Entrepreneur and build the lifestyle you truly want with your own laptop.

Gain a solid education from mentors, coaches in a friendly and great community.

Learn How To Build a Business and Earn Income from Your Interest and Passion.


Check out our Youtube channel (Swedish), speaking of Freedom Lifestyle. The Youtube channel is in Swedish and is about our Passion Camper/Motorhome life.

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The programs are unique. Every part of your journey is broken down into a simple step by step process, that anyone can follow regardless of age, educational background or experience. With the partner program you will have access to an exclusive private community of like-minded, passionate beings, who are creating (or have already created) their ultimate dream life.


The digital business system includes everything you need to start. Marketing material, In demand products to sell and support to help you succeed online. It doesn't matter whether you have any previous experience or not. No idea or product is needed to get started.


Starting a business on your own is really difficult. That is why we offer hands on private coaching to guide you on your journey with our affiliate partners. They have trained thousands of students like yourself to create passion-based businesses that they love.


Hi there, my name is Fredrik Lindén and I am the founder of Peace On Mind Digital Entrepreneurs. I am a simple man with a vision of a better world. A world with compassion, understanding and sharing. I have found many insights thru my life experience so far. One of my greatest experience is my spirituality who has given me strength and trust. I never have to feel alone and scared no more because of my believes and for that, I am very grateful. I like to be open-minded and never want to close the door. One of my "mantra" is - I have two ears and one mouth, so I believe we need to listen twice as much as talking. read more here.....

Fredrik Lindén


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*DISCLAIMER - What sets us apart from other online business opportunities is our world class system and methods, as well as our integrity - so we want you to know exactly where you stand. Note that individual results will vary. No results are guaranteed with the help of our training and business systems. All the products and services we provide are for educational and information purposes only. While our member testimonials of success are verifiable, this does not mean you will get the same results. There are those who will not earn any money at all with our program, because individual results will depend on your determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.